Inclusio Ultima

Champagne-style beer with in-bottle dryhopping, 7%

As a man cub I used to play in the forests, catching the magic light of fireflies, letting it last as long as I could. Now I use the very same glass to imprison the spirit of hops… This is the meaning of Inclusio Ultima, the capture at the eleventh hour, a spell designed to trap the scent of the hop cones at the top of their freshness; by adding them directly into the bottle.

Inclusio Ultima is a strong lager which undergoes a full champagne method process. Bottle conditioned with hops (a unique process invented at the Klanbarrique cellars), it is progressively turned upside-down to have the sediments settle in the bottleneck, then disgorged by hand and refilled with beer before the final maturation.