Champagne-style beer with blackcurrant, 7,7%

I stole the name from those who live in the province of Gallia, they say it, and say it, and strut like beautiful peacocks… Where they live, Padosè means good, elegant, it means fragrant and dry, and although I may be not as refined, when I first tasted their stuff – by Jove! It was sudden, sheer love! So I invented Padosè, learning their weird methods and adding a wild touch of forest in the shape of some juicy blackcurrant berries.

Padosè is a blackcurrant-infused ale which undergoes a full champagne method process. After a first bottle conditioning, it is progressively turned upside-down to have the sediments settle in the bottleneck, then disgorged by hand and refilled with beer before the final maturation.