Among the mountains of Trentino Banshy has found the ideal den for resting during the rare breaks between invasions, and for practicing alchemy, performing the brews and the ideas he has picked up while roaming through worlds.
Loc. Sega 2, Trambileno (TN), is home to Klanbarrique’s barrelworks and taproom.


Heart of Klanbarrique, it’s a domain of wild yeasts and undomitable bacteria, the press which makes the grapes bleed their lymph, the cauldron where the liquor and the fruits blend. Here you’ll find red wine barriques, especially, but also bigger barrels, Port barrels, champagne pupitres and all sorts of devilish contraptions. The Barbarian dreams of beers and instruments in his sleep, and while awake drags his fantasies into the material realm.


Right beside the barrelworks, Klanbarrique’s taproom is the ideal place for sampling what’s inside the barrels. The place feels vintage but is coming from the future, it’s shabby but classy, contradictory and totipotent just like Banshy. This is where our barbarian loves to binge and discover new sensations together with the members of his tribe during his rare moments of sedentism. The Taproom is open only during scheduled visits, tastings or events which will be published on Klanbarrique’s Facebook page. .

Opificio delle Idee

Loc. Sega 2 Trambileno (TN).

Info and visits:
Telefono: +39 0464 486044